Using Our Dry Wipes

A little note on using your dry wipes safely

If Shoots dry wipes are exposed to moisture and stored, microbial activity may occur, and this may render the wipes unsafe for you and your family.

Your Health Your Hands, the company that produces Shoots dry wipes, cannot be held responsible for choosing to pre-wet an entire tub. If you choose to do so, we recommend using grapefruit seed extract to help discourage microbial activity, and using your wipes in a timely manner (within a week or two).

Be sure to wash your tub between uses. As you may know, bamboo has anitmicrobial properties, and this is just another great reason why we love it!

How to use your two-step bamboo dry wipe:

Step 1: Take out your dry wipe

Step 2: Add water, or use with your favorite trusted solution/therapeutic-grade essential oil(s). Also use dry for screens, gears, glass, and wheels.