Here’s what others have said about our 100% bamboo dry wipes.

I’ve been using these bamboo dry wipes for 1-1/2 years now, and I still love them! Some hospitals have been recommending against traditional wipes, which surprised me until I began reading about all of the chemicals in them. With these, I can use ingredients that I know are good for my baby, and he doesn’t get diaper rash. What a nice contrast to the screaming from my older babies when I used a traditional wipe on a sore bottom. Bamboo material is much stronger than a regular wipe, so they clean up even the worst diaper. Baby bedtime is one of my favorite times of the day—I grab a clean wipe and wash his face and hands with it before changing his diaper and putting on pajamas. I love that I can use these wipes all over my baby without worrying about the ingredients in them!

Nicole E.
Collinston, UT

These wipes are the perfect solution for any skin type, especially sensitive skin. I love the option of being able to add any essential oil combination to create the perfect wipe! I have used these wipes on my baby and have never had to deal with diaper rash! A dream come true for any mom!

Erin M.
BeaverDam, UT

These wipes are great! So versatile. I use them for traveling for my face (my facial skin is very sensitive and doesn’t react well with hotel towels). I also have a 3 year old and an 8 year old, and while they don’t need these wipes for their bottoms, I and love using them when we are on the go – just splash a little water on it from your bottle and you have an instant clean up for messy face and hands. Better solution to using “Wet Ones,” or other moist towelettes that are usually soaked in harsh substances. Great for camping too.

Tiffany G.
Layton, UT

We introduced Your Heart Your Hands Bamboo wipes to our customers who are primarily spa owners, estheticians and cosmetologists. The spa industry uses a large amount of cotton 4×4’s and facial wipes in the treatment room for every service. Spas are becoming more eco-conscious and enjoying using a product that they can feel good about disposing of. YHYH Bamboo Wipes are so soft and fluffy! Thank you YHYH for creating such a wonderful product!

Tamara Anderson
President,┬áTamara’s Sugar
Tukwila, WA

Recently I tried 6 or 7 different brands of bamboo wipes in order to find the one that worked best for me. I found the wipes made by Your Health Your Hands to be superior to any of the others. The bamboo fabric holds up better in situations where other brands stretch and fall apart. I have very sensitive and delicate skin that is easily irritated. These wipes are strong but gentle, never abrasive and light as a whisper. Their customer service is amazing as well.

Irene K.
Ukiah, CA

These are so easy to travel with or pack, and super absorbent. They’re bamboo so they’re natural for my face and very soft so there is no irritation. They don’t rip or tear when you’re rough on them. Better for the environment, and better for my sensitive skin. It’s a win win! Highly recommend!

Katie D.
Orem, UT

I use a little soap and some warm water, and it removes my makeup really well. They’re very soft, but also thick and sturdy so you can just rinse them out and reuse them like an actual washcloth. Would definitely recommend!

Rachel H.
Brigham City, UT

The first time I tried these wipes I was really taken aback with their softness and strength. What a find! I highly recommend them to one and all, young and old, female and male. They make fabulous dusting cloths for both wood and glass. And they’re sturdy enough for the toughest messes! I keep some in my car for anything that might come up—spills, hand-cleaning, or just needing to wipe down my eye-glasses. They’re incredibly durable, so I can rinse one out and use it again and again. This new, thicker version, holds up fantastically in the washing machine! And when I use them for a mess that I’d rather throw away, I don’t feel guilty about it because they’re completely biodegradable. Thank you for providing an eco-friendly solution to traditional disposable cleaning cloths. Fabulous product!

Russell J.
Glenwood, UT

I love these wipes! They are sooo soft! The fact that they are dry and can be moistened when and with what you want, is just what I’ve needed. The traditional moistened wipes dry out over time and do not store well. Plus these are durable! My daughter uses them for makeup removal, rinses it and leaves it on the edge of the sink and either reuses it again or I take it and clean with it, rinsing it several times before it is thrown out. Even then it still holds together!

Tammy H.
Brigham City, UT

These are wonderful for camping! I can throw a pack of these in my pack and leave them there during the off season without any worry of them going bad. I have also used them to clean my guns. They are very soft and leave no scratches on the bluing or paint. I have also used these for around my shop to clean up smaller messes or for wiping down projects after sanding. staining, painting, etc, etc. I would HIGHLY recommend these!

Steve F.
Farmington, UT