About The Founders

Where are all the dry wipes? We want to treat our skin with love.

We’re sisters, and we’re used to sharing everything. That’s why we decided to make our own dry wipes. We both wanted an alternative to solution-soaked baby and facial wipes that leave harmful residue on our thirsty skin, and we looked for dry wipes far and wide. What we found surprised and disappointed us. The global marketplace only offered medical-grade dry wipes for cleaning up hospital spills and dry wipes made from cotton and viscose that were abrasive (and expensive!). We visited consumer, parent, and beauty forums where others like us had visited and, in desperation, even advocated paper towels as the only viable alternative (yeah, we tried those, too).

Founders of Your Health Your Hands

Like most girls out there, we work hard. We try to take care of ourselves, and we have people in our lives we care about— some of these people have little hands and feet and very soft, very new skin. Like you, we are passionate about caring for our planet, and we’re trying to save a buck while treading softly.

When we decided to make our own dry wipes, we knew we wanted to use bamboo.  We wanted a dry wipe that was truly clean and safe, left a small footprint, and gave us some room to interpret our own creative solutions.  The result?  Our bamboo dry wipes are the first of their kind.  They’re so silky soft, tear resistant and eco-friendly we couldn’t bear to keep them under wraps.  Use them dry, moistened with water, or with your own trusted solution.  We’ve made it the keystone of our business to make our wipes affordable for everyone who is as excited about them as we are and we can’t wait to share them with you!

We’d love to hear how you’re enjoying Your Health Your Hands 100% bamboo dry wipes.  Use our bamboo dry wipes dry for cycling to work (refresh yourself!) and bike cleaning.   Use them for your small delicate parts like glasses and computer and mobile screens, and beloved pet ears and eyes.  Use our bamboo dry wipes with DIY solutions and recipes to make your own wipes for kids and babies, your own wet wipes, and all around your house.